Heavy Metal Rap

Buddha Z = Heavy Metal Rap?

Yep.  It started as a joke.

In 2013, Buddha Z wrote the spiritual memoir of that year, Supersoul 13.

It wasn’t entirely Buddha Zhen.  It wasn’t entirely Kung Fu Cowboy.  It was a mixture of those two identities.  So we shortened my name to Buddha Z.  I was having fun, as you’ll see when you read the book.

But people kept telling me, “Buddha Z sounds more like a rap artist.”  So I decided to write and record a rap song.  I titled it, “Buddha Zhen’s Anti-Rap Rap Song.”

It came out really cool and people would tap their foot and giggle when my funny punch-line lyrics tickled them.  So without any drums I was creating rap music.  All the rap music I heard was whiny, bitchy, sissy bully voices… I decided that rather than be like them I would rap about how much they disgusted me.

Now I felt I was in the ‘rap zone’ of discontent.  I wrote a heavy metal rap song, “The Pound,” about gangster wanna-bes with their pants down low.

I wrote another song, “Nuke DC,” about using a bug bomb to get rid of the cockroaches in power.

Eventually, I ran out of disgust steam and wrote, “4 Noble Truths of Buddhism.”  This is probably the first real Buddha Z song.  The few songs before that were my freshman attempt at frothing at the mouth like a bully gangster goon.  I will be interested to see more responses.  Should I continue my acidic criticisms?  Should I stick to Buddhism topics and information?