Philosophy books by Buddha Z

Supersoul 13 book cover

Supersoul 13
Discovering the Soul of God
by Buddha Z



Upcoming book
from Buddha Z:

Evolution of a Shaolin Monk
Being written now at Killer King Hospital.  To be completed approximately December 4, 2018.
Recuperated from surgeries and family extractions.
by Buddha Z


Another upcoming book
from Buddha Z:

Star Wars Killed God

How Star Wars movies destroyed the traditional religions, traditional families, and any possibility of God.
by Buddha Z

Buddha Z has been studying science, religion, and philosophy since 1964.  In 1964 at age 10, Richard Del Connor was bussed around to local elementary schools to lecture on “Enzymes,” “Photosynthesis,” and dinosaurs, and reptiles… Buddha Z was on the Regis Philbin television show that year DEBATING against a panel of teachers.

Buddha Z preaches success.  Success for everyone!  “That’s why I quit tennis and stayed with Shaolin Kung Fu since 1980,” Buddha Z states excitedly.  “Tennis requires nullifying the best moves of your opponent and destroying their self-confidence.  The more you embarrass them, the happier you are.  When your opponent makes a mistake you celebrate.  It is a horrible sport that friends have to play together as if they are not friends.”

“Even in our Tai Chi Push Hands competition, we have a huge competitive spirit mixed with a compassion to help our opponent IMPROVE.  Students replay unsuccessful attacks so their opponent can improve them.  In Push Hands, the better your opponent gets–the better you get also.  I love Kung Fu!  Americans only know the Chinese kicks that a bunch of Japanese Karate guys added to their Japanese Karate which only has a half-dozen kicks in any Japanese style.”

“There is even a chain of schools called ___________ that put “Kung Fu” on their buildings and teach Karate in Karate uniforms using Japanese Karate belts.  It used to really upset me.  Now it only upsets me.”

I want this book to portray and teach and illuminate what George Lucas WISHED he knew but didn’t know when he wrote the Star Wars movies.  He wanted to understand the Jedi and their apprenticeship… but he didn’t understand it.  He wanted to portray the Sith Lord and apprenticeship relationship but he doesn’t understand this either.  Most people don’t understand mastery.  Mastery is a science.

If you don’t learn the science of mastery, you cannot teach it.


Philosophy books by Buddha Zhen

Buddha Zhen is the name used as Kung Fu / Tai Chi / Zen Master.

Buddha Z is the name used for books and music not part of the schools.  Also see:  (Poetry of Buddha Z)

book cover: Tao of Taoism - Using the Dao Te Ching to Improve Your Life by Buddha Zhen

Tao of Taoism
Using the Dao Te Ching to Improve Your Life
by Buddha Zhen (Richard Del Connor)



book cover: Tai Chi Beginner by Buddha Zhen of Shaolin Chi Mantis

Tai Chi Beginner
by Buddha Zhen



book cover: Shaolin Kung Fu Initiate book of Shaolin Chi Mantis

Shaolin Kung Fu Candidate
by Buddha Zhen