Buddha Z being pensive.
Truth is a discovery.

2 Types of Buddha Z books:

1.  Philosophy of Buddha Z

2.  Poetry of Buddha Z —


Buddha Z writes books.

You may have a book by Buddha Z written under another name.

The books written as “Buddha Z” are the books that are NOT PART of the curriculum of

Both of these systems were founded from Northern Shaolin Kung Fu of the Songshan and Shandong Temples.  This is the Kung Fu created by Bodhidharma.  Bodhidharma is the founder of Zen Buddhism.  Buddha Z is a disciple in the lineage of this original patriarch of Zen Buddhism at the Shaolin Temple 1,400 years ago.  The Buddhism books he writes are from the Mahayana Buddhism of China, plus the Shaolin Zen Buddhism of Northern China.  Buddha Z is bringing back the ORIGINAL ZEN BUDDHISM.  This is the first time that ‘real’ Shaolin Kung Fu will be introduced to America.

This is also the first time that Americans will get a view of the ‘real’ and original Zen Buddhism without the Japanese flavorings and boxing additions and spiritual information deletions.  Kung Fu was illegal in Japan, so they replaced the Shaolin Kung Fu training with “Doing Nothing.”  What a joke!  And Americans bought this like the Emperor’s New (Invisible) ClothesEven modern doctors recommend exercise over ‘doing nothing.’

Buddha Z is the ‘sassier’ voice of Buddha Zhen.  A sense of humor that might not be appropriate for a Kung Fu class.  “I can be more blatantly honest, and perhaps offend a few people without associating any of my Kung Fu or Tai Chi schools in someone’s rebuttal to my criticisms.  I will be pissing a lot of people off because a lot of people have bad information and are making bad decisions accordingly.  Just like an alcoholic defends their liquor, a mixed up martial artist will defend his mixed up confusion.  It may get exciting!”

“This is my ‘Hippie Buddha’  side,” explains Buddha Z.  “I have another sassy side of me, the ‘Kung Fu Cowboy.’  I have a lot of fun in that role, but people see me as musician more than a Kung Fu master.  As Buddha Zhen, I’m a Kung Fu master.  As Buddha Z — I can be the Zen Master with a sense of humor.  I can focus more on my singing and poetry for a few years.  I’m curious to see if I can be a rap artist who teaches people about Chinese Buddhism.  A spiritual heavy metal rap artist.  That’s a new part for me.  I like all my parts, but sometimes I have to separate them because I can’t fit them all into one website.”