Fistula of Fury is FIRST poetry book by Buddha Z

Fistula of Fury is the going to be the first poetry book published under my name, Buddha Z.  It was finished at the conclusion of my second surgery in April 2018.  The previous two poetry books were published under my name, Kung Fu Cowboy.

I’ve been the original Kung Fu Cowboy since 1984, but professionally:

  • I wrote the song “Kung Fu Cowboy” as my first song to record using free ProTools application in 2002.
  • I sent the “Kung Fu Cowboy” song demo to Mike Thompson, keyboardist of The Eagles in 2002.
    • Mike said, “The Eagles aren’t interested in your song, “Kung Fu Cowboy.”  They get their songs from their circle of friends…”
  • Shaolin Records releases album, Kung Fu Cowboy PART 1: King Solomon’s Temple in 2010.
  • “Buddha Zhen” wearing a cowboy hat on his bald head… performs Lion Dances in Las Vegas in 2011 and 2012.
  • “Kung Fu Cowboy” wears a black cowboy hat, black long sleeves, black jeans, black socks, and black shoes to be stagehand 2012 to 2014.
  • Kung Fu Cowboy: Rock & Roll Movie 1 screenplay is written by Richard Del Connor and Scott Karahadian in 2013.
  • Buddha Z publishes spiritual memoir Supersoul 13, published by Shaolin Communications in 2014.
  • American Zen releases album End of the Line which contains song, “Kung Fu Cowboy 2” in 2014.
  • Buddha Zhen is founder of Shaolin Chinese Yoga in 2015.
  • Buddha Z records heavy metal rap album 4 Noble Truths of Buddhism at Tacoma Studios of Shaolin Records.

Hopefully that confuses your confusion into an understanding.

This website,, will be my Buddha Z hangout.  I’ve listed my other character/personality/identities above so you can see other sides of me if you want.  Or just sit back and let me share my next journey with you.

I’m currently hospitalized at Martin Luther King Jr. Hospital Recuperative Care Center.  I’ve had my second colon surgery and had a toenail surgery “…removing the matrix from the bone…”

My surgery was April 2 and I’m about 80% healed.  Hopefully this is the end of my behind problems.

My someday-to-be-published poetry book memoir about the last six months of 2018 is Fistula of Fury.  It’s funny and factual.

My currently-being-written poetry book memoir is Evolution of a Shaolin Monk.  This is an exciting book for me because I have several paths to travel in life–which one(s) will be available to me?

Evolution of a Shaolin Monk by Buddha Z.

Coming soon!

(Coming after Fistula of Fury poetry book by Me (Buddha Z))

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