Hippies Were All Stoners?

Psychedelic photo by The Hippy Coyote
Don Bertolucci, photographer of THE RICH
I’m a hippie too!

That’s what David said over breakfast this morning.  Then he went on to talk about the cokehead yuppies…

But that’s not the best way to look at the sixties counter-culture revolution.  (A bunch of stoners?)  That’s like saying the founding fathers of America were a bunch of drunks.

I didn’t argue with him.  I didn’t nod my head either.  I let the monologue work its way to the current drug misuse…

Back to the hippies.  I am going to explore this concept more.  What is a hippie?  What does it take to be a hippie?  Who is a fake hippie?  We called them plastic people.  In the seventies we called them posers as even the awesome rock stars like Roger Daltrey of The Who and Robert Plant of Led Zepellin became imitators of themselves.  That’s what spawned punk rock.  The original punk rockers understood that at that base level it was emotion and anger that could fuel a band.  Led Zepellin and The Who were both angry bands when they started.  The Sex Pistols, The Clash, and The Jam were all angry bands with a desire to make an album.  The Jam made the best music, The Clash made the best songs, and The Sex Pistols made the most noise.

When rock stars get comfortable, they become decadent.  It’s natural because most of these rock stars are being propelled to stardom by emotions that are out of balance within them.  When they become stupified with success they lose their motivation to bite the hand that feeds them.  So they ‘pretend’ to be angry and dissatisfied–just to patronize their animal followers.

Hippies are rare now.

A hippie is a state of mind.  The wardrobe can be an expression of this.  But some youth, like me, were not allowed to grow our hair over the top of our ears.  I wasn’t growing my hair with a hairstyle in mind.  I was growing it to expand my boundaries.  Declare my freedom.  Stand up for what I believed in DESPITE what the ‘establishment’ said.

Now millennials are wearing their hair in Japanese ‘top-knots.’  I would praise them if they were espousing and practicing the values associated with that traditional hairdo.  But NO.  They are nullifying the significance and symbolism of a statement proclamation exclamation (that you may have been forced into by being born into a Samurai family) that YOU are a warrior and beholden obligated and dedicated to upholding those values and traditions.  Sorry.  Emotional verbage.

Anyway.  I see that one of my purposes in life will be to somehow paint a better picture of the hippie counter-culture revolution.  Those pioneers were more than “a bunch of stoners.”


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