Who is Buddha Z?

I like that question.  “Who am I?”

Evolution is natural.  I’ve learned how to enhance evolution instead of fighting it.

I evolve physically.  (Many times.)

I evolve mentally.  (Constantly.)

I evolve spiritually.  (Always discovering = always changing my views…)

Buddha Z is me.  That’s easy.  But how do I explain this PART of myself?

How do I PACKAGE this part of myself?

How do I PROMOTE this part of myself?

Most important of all: What does this part of me want to accomplish?


I’ve been the original KUNG FU COWBOY here in Los Angeles since 2015 when Scott and I completed the screenplay, Kung Fu Cowboy: Rock & Roll Movie 1.  I’ve BEEN the Kung Fu Cowboy since 1984 or earlier.  People have said I should have a Kung Fu series television show, or that I’m “The real deal!” as I hear people talking about me.  In a world of fakers, pretenders, and google masters an actual Shaolin Kung Fu master is rare indeed.  It took me 15 years to accept that I was a Kung Fu master.  I’ve spent the next 15 years after that sharing and improving how Shaolin Kung Fu can be taught to people.  I’m the best.  I can guarantee good and amazing results to anyone who completes my programs.

    Problem is, it’s a world of sissies out there.  Yeah, I never thought I’d call an entire culture sissies… but they are.  They’ve given up on sports so they never learned self-discipline and teamwork.  They kill thousands of creatures every year and complain they want to be vegetarian.

I’m watching children run the world.  Confidence should be based upon accomplishment, not bravado, threats, bullying, fake news, or money.  Money can’t buy you experience.  (Neither can Google and video games.)

But, while I’m saving the world… what do I WANT to do?

That’s not a question I ask enough of myself.  I’m heavily burdened with many responsibilities so free time doesn’t even exist.  I have to make free time as important as my working time.  I value my meditation time, and study and reading time, and reflection time laying on my back on the grass looking up at the leaves of the tree.  I do enjoy this planet.

So I WORK at having some free time every day.  But what do I WANT to do?

I’m tickled right now to do my HEAVY METAL RAP.  Yep.  Rap.  I’ve been a poet all my life, so the content is not a problem.  But I don’t know how to sound hateful, resentful, immature, hostile, selfish, greedy, angry and hurtful like all the rap artists I hear.  I’ve asked friends and they can’t find me anyone I like.  The Beastie Boys are probably still my favorite because some of the songs I heard had cool drum beats.  I like REAL DRUMS.

I can’t believe the millennials gave up drumming for a toy I gave my son in 1999.  My son at age 3 could play better drums than most of the percussionists I hear now on the radio.  So I guess I’ve got a purpose: bring drums back to the millennials.  That’s not good enough though.  I need to change the world.

So I will bring BUDDHISM to RAP MUSIC.  That sounds like a more interesting challenge.

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