Another Shaolin Digital WordPress Website

Rich Connor, singing web designer of Shaolin Digital

Shaolin Digital is digging into is a website of Shaolin Communications.

Rich Connor will be the web designer of Buddha Z.  He will be creating another WordPress website.

Shaolin Digital has contracted to build 28 websites for Shaolin Communications.

13 of these 28 websites will be WooCommerce websites.

Eventually, all 28 of these Shaolin Communications websites will be ‘completed.’  At that time it may be possible for Shaolin Digital to launch a web series YouTube CHANNEL to teach what took to create all 28 of these websites.

Rich Connor is selecting a DIFFERENT THEME for every website.  All 13 of the WooCommerce websites use different themes also.  This information of how some are better or worse than others can be demonstrated then by sharing all of the websites and explaining how it was done and what we ended up with.


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